North Mecklenburg Towing & Road Side Assistance

North Mecklenburg Towing And Road Side Assistance

Call Rescue 1 Towing any time for any towing incedent, Rescue 1 Towing is the premier towing company in North Mecklenburg, North Carolina. We have all of the necessary tools onsite to handle any situation you may be in. Weather you need a jump, get locked out of your car, have a accident, run out of gas, or just a flat tire, Rescue 1 Towing in North Mecklenburg is ready to assist you in any way possible. Our trained and professional towing staff is ready to assist at any moment and we strive for 100% satisfaction that your property will be safe and secure with Rescue 1 Towing. Call Us Today if you have any towing needs.

North Mecklenburg Towing

Need Towing In North Mecklenburg?

In need of towing in North Mecklenburg. Rescue 1 Towing has flatbed and wheel lift tow trucks to handle your towing needs. All of our towing professionals in North Mecklenburg have the necessary tools and equipment to handle all of your towing needs. We can handle any types of vehicles in just about any type of incedent. Trust Rescue 1 Towing to keep your vehicle safe.

Do You Need A Jump?

If your car battery is dead in North Mecklenburg, we’ll quickly come to you and jump-start your car. Even the most advanced batteries can fail unexpectedly. Let one of our friendly associates get you driving again!

North Mecklenburg Dead Battery
North Mecklenburg Lockout

Are You Locked Out of Your Car?

Are your keys staring up at you from the passenger-side seat, somewhere in North Mecklenburg, NC? Did you accidentally lock them in the trunk? Need to get back on the road ASAP?

Were You In An Accident?

Have you been involved in an accident? If so, don’t panic. You’ll be in good hands when you rely on our auto recovery service in North Mecklenburg, North Carolina. Our tow trucks can rush to your location 24/7.

North Mecklenburg accident
North Mecklenburg out of gas

Are You Out of Gas?

Did you let your car’s fuel indicator dip too low? Are you stranded by the side of the road, miles from the nearest gas station?We offer professional refueling services to motorists in North Mecklenburg, North Carolina. We’ll quickly race to your rescue and fill up your gas tank to get you back on the road.

Do You Have a Flat Tire?

Did you run over a nail, screw or debris in the road? Is your car looking a little deflated as a result? We offer flat tire service and repair to motorists in the North Mecklenburg, NC region. Whether your tire is flat as a result of a slow leak or a sudden blowout, you can trust our technician to change it quickly.

North Mecklenburg Flat

If you need an emergency towing service in the North Mecklenburg, NC region, trust Rescue 1 Towing.

Call us at 704-444-0075!

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